About BFC Softtech

BFC Softtech is the IT arm of Group BFC. The parent firm of the Group is BFC Capital, a wealth management company that has been active in the investment Services and wealth management space since last eighteen years. Group BFC is also home to BFC Publications, a leading self-publishing house based in Lucknow.

Initially founded to provide IT-based solutions to in-house companies, today, BFC Softtech is a promising star in the IT space, with a considerable repertoire of offerings for businesses and entities seeking automation tools and solutions.

BFC Softtech has managed to bring together a group of young and dynamic professionals, all experts in their respective fields, from Web Developers to Web Designers, Android & IOS Developers, Graphic Designers and Digital Marketers, among others. The sole purpose of doing this is to build a platform that offers 360-degree web-based business solutions to those looking to "go digital".