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Understanding The Business

Developers are programmers who excel at coding. Understanding business is, however, an entirely different cup of tea. To provide suitable solutions to businesses, their processes and funnels must be diagnosed thoroughly so that the core algorithm of the automation tool being developed can be tweaked. Consequently, the tool's governing logic is allowed to work its way around any blindspots or bottlenecks.

Long story short, Team BFC Softtech is home to certain individuals who are incredibly skilled at studying and understanding business models and funnels. They are the initial point of contact for most of our clients. Simply put, they hold elaborate discussions with our clients, understand their business model in detail, and convey the consequent needs to the team deployed for developing the said tool. This, in turn, fetches the results desired by the client.

Business Expertise

Point of

Tools used for calculating the amount payable by customers, including weighing scales, barcode scanners and cash registers, among others.


Tools and processes used for keeping track of goods in a merchant’s inventory across the entire supply chain in real-time, from purchasing to production to end sales.

Real Estate

Herein, real estate companies and agents are provided customised tools to develop and implement marketing strategies and generate quality leads through highly optimised funnels.


Products and solutions aimed at helping businesses deliver a winning shopping experience, from automated notifications to easy returns.


A concoction of next-gen technologies including big data, cloud computing, distributed ledger technology, AI and data analytics, customised for facilitating automated financial operations.


Software solutions aimed at augmenting the efficacy of MLM funnels, comprising advanced scripts, user-friendly interface, and easy-to-comprehend structure.

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